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The Trainer Magazine - Stephen Green Fitness Consultancy

Steve Green's latest Trainer Magazine is out! Here's the main articles :)

Why weight training works

The use of weight training amongst young sports athletes has been scientifically proven to be very beneficial. Increased strength and more importantly strength through range of movement. Lower levels of injury. Improvements in posture. Increased bone density stronger muscles tendons and ligaments. The Olympic lifts employ the kinetic chain with the knock on effect of improving co ordination. Speed and power increases with greater strength and the old myths of stunted growth and immobility have been long since proven to be wrong.

When can my child start?

It is possible to teach the techniques needed from a young age as long as the loads are light and the mantra of coaches is adhered to TECHNIQUE BEFORE LOAD. My good friends at have an excellent article on the full range of benefits of young people learning to train with weights. If you have a moment visit their site and go to their blog section (Is my child old enough to start weightlifting)

Is how we eat as important as what we eat?

I sometimes have to stay overnight in a hotel in west London. I have found a good Italian cafe nearby that serves breakfast. Porridge with fruit, a croissant and good coffee. Once ordered I sit at the empty tables not because the cafe is empty, far from it.Young professionals queue at the counter, earphones in, texting and multitasking. The pace of order, collect, eat whilst leaving is a wonder to watch as I slowly wipe the jam from around my mouth. It is a bit like a petrol station. Your car is low on petrol, drive in, fill up, pay and go. There is a great deal of discussion about what a sports person should eat, however taking time to enjoy the process is as much about quality of eating as the content. Each section of a sports persons performance should be considered and delivered in the best way possible if it is to contribute to positive results. Developing a mindset that performs tasks with high quality on a day to day basis will bring positive results. As my old mother used to say “don’t gulp your food or you won’t get the benefit, all you’ll get is tummy ache”.

What’s in my sports bag?

Energy Snacks. There are so many options available. If you are unsure then consult a specialist. Dr Karen Reid at performance food has been advising parents for many years and provides an excellent service.


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