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Q1: Where is the club located?

We run our classes from Kent College Senior School. We can provide information on how to find us when you book in for a class.

Q2: Can I train at the facility outside of the times on the club timetable? 

Unfortunately not, the club only operates on Monday and Wednesday evenings at the current time.

Q3: How old do I have to be to train here? 

Currently our classes are all for mixed age and ability groups. So anyone who can keep up is welcome to attend! Our 1 to 1 coaching can be arranged for any age too, please contact us if you are interested in youth coaching. If an attendee is under the age of 18 we must receive signed parental consent prior to starting activity at the club.


 Q4: Are there showers/toilets/changing rooms/food?

We have access to toilets and changing facilities, but no provision for food and drink.

Q5: What do I need to bring to class?

You must make sure you wear comfortable athletic clothing which allows for full range of motion. For safety you must not wear jewelry. Please also bring a water bottle. Otherwise you do not need any specific weightlifting gear unless you already own it or would like to purchase things like weightlifting shoes. Please do not hesitate to contact us for recommendations on weightlifting accessories. 


Q6: Do I have to have any experience in the gym or in weightlifting to come to a class?

You do not have to have experience in the gym or the sport of weightlifting to join us. Our classes are for all ages and abilities and will be run in a way that anyone, from beginner through to experienced athlete, will learn, improve and have fun. If you wish to gain experience before coming to group classes or if you are already experienced and are looking for more specific coaching, please contact us about 1 to 1 or small groups coaching.


Q7: How do I pay? 

You are able to pay cash in person when you attend the club, or if you wish to pay by PayPal or bank transfer please contact us. 


Q8: I want to compete, is this something I can achieve from training here?

Definitely! Our coaches are BWL qualified and the club is fully licensed and affiliated with BWL too. We would be more than happy to welcome anyone looking to get serious in the sport!


Q9: How can I give feedback/anonymous feedback about the club?

Anonymous feedback can be submitted on our website via the feedback form on our resources page: here

Any feedback you wish to discuss with the coaches can be sent via our contact form, email, or of course in person 

Q10: Can I train here for Powerlifting?

Absolutely! More information on this coming soon too.



Q1: What is weightlifting (as a sport)? How does it differ from Powerlifting, regular gym use, bodybuilding etc.?

Please read our weightlifting  page on this website for a more in depth answer on weightlifting as a sport. Weightlifting, or Olympic weightlifting, is a strength sport in which 2 lifts are contested. The lifts are the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. These lifts are contested in different body weight categories, please see the weightlifting page for more on these categories. Canterbury Strength, as a club, wishes to promote the sport of weightlifting as well as its general benefits to health and performance in other sports. 

Powerlifting, bodybuilding and general strength or resistance training in gyms differ from weightlifting, although you often hear people using these words interchangeably. Powerlifting is its own sport, where the competition lifts are the Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift. Bodybuilding, which can also be done professionally and holds competitions, is specifically muscle development for physique and aesthetics.


Q2: I want to compete, is this something I can achieve from training here?

Definitely! Our coaches are BWL qualified and the club is fully licensed and affiliated with BWL too. We would be more than happy to welcome anyone looking to get serious in the sport!

Q3: Do I need any special equipment or clothing? Do I need Weightlifting shoes/wraps/knee sleeves/straps/belts...? 

You do not need any special equipment as a beginner. The most likely thing we would suggest that you buy is weightlifting specific shoes, or at least some very flat and solid soled shoes. Any other special accessories come with time, unless you require them due to injury. Please do not hesitate to contact us for recommendations or advice on equipment.

Q4: Is weightlifting dangerous?

Weightlifting is no more dangerous than other sports or general gym use, it has actually been found to have much lower occurrence of injury than other sports. Particularly due to the training being very controlled and carried out in safe environments. The club works very hard to ensure that weightlifting activities are as safe as possible. If you have any concerns about the safety of weightlifting or whether it is suitable for you, please get in touch.


Q5: Will weightlifting make me 'bulky'?

Training for weightlifting will not make you 'bulky' due to the style of training. Weightlifting generally does not involve much 'hypertrophy', which is training with a higher numbers of reps in order to cause muscle growth. Although weightlifting will have positive effects on physique it does not cause large amounts of muscle growth, instead it improves body composition by reducing body fat, and increases speed, power and strength.


Q6: Are there any specific injuries that would mean I couldn't participate?

Although you can work around many injuries and issues, this is something that would have to be discussed on an individual basis, if you are concerned about specific injuries please contact us.

Q7: I take part in another sport, will this affect that?

Weightlifting has a positive affect on all fitness qualities. The lifts practised in Olympic Weightlifting are used by coaches of all sports to help their athletes to improve their strength, power and speed. So taking up weightlifting will most likely improve your participation in your other sports.

Q8: Do I have to eat differently if I do weightlifting? Do I need to take protein powder/creatine/any supplements?

You do not have to eat differently, you just have to ensure as always that you eat a healthy and balanced diet. You may find that you need to eat more if you become a lot more active. You also do not need to start using supplements or drinking protein shakes, these requirements can be met with diet alone. As a clue we do not recommend the sue of supplements due to the risk of breaking Anti-Doping rules. For more information on this please see the Anti-Doping section of our resources page.




Q1: Will weightlifting stunt my child's growth? Is it safe for children? 

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that weightlifting or training with weights stunts growth. Instead it has been shown to have many incredible benefits for children. Weightlifting and weight training has been shown to increase bone density, decrease the risk of sport related injuries, help with healthy weight maintenance, help to boost mood, and many many other benefits. As with weightlifting for adults, the risk of injury is actually less than in other sports. Weightlifting is only ever carried out in a safe and controlled environment with expert coaches. In particular when training children, exercise selection is based on the individuals capability, so that no one is ever pushed beyond their abilities. Please visit out blog to see articles about weightlifting and children in weightlifting.

Q2: Why should my child take up weightlifting over other sports?

Weightlifting is a fantastic sport for children to take up if they want to be sporty but are not yet sure what sport they prefer. Have a look at our page about the sport of weightlifting to see what benefits it has to sport performance. The lifts practised in the sport of weightlifting are also used by coaches of all other sports to improve the performance of their athletes. So as well as getting kids interested in sport, we have also found that weightlifting hugely boosts confidence, eagerness to learn, concentration and discipline. 

Parents information page coming soon!

If you have any questions that were not answered here please contact us

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