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Marin Robu - Champion of Moldova

Name: Marin Robu

Location: Moldova

Weight Category: -73kg

Age: 20

Personal Bests: Snatch 155kg | Clean & Jerk 180kg

Snatch Gold at the 2019 Junior Worlds

Marin Robu is a Junior weightlifter from Moldova. This year he placed second in Rome at the 2020 World Cup Seniors comp in the -73kg category with 152/180/332. His total was a big 12kg above what he acheived at the World Junior Champs in 2019 where he also placed second, behind American, CJ Cummings. At the Junior Worlds he received three medals! A Snatch gold medal for 147kg, bronze in the Clean & Jerk for 173kg and an awesome overall Silver for a total of 320kg! Marin is showing amazing progress in Senior World competitions too with a huge 17 place jump in the leaderboard from his 2018 to 2019 result!

This week we had the opportunity to catch up with Marin and ask him a few questions about his career and future goals! Check out our interview below!

Marin Snatching 123kg & 128kg at the 2017 European Youths as a -69kg

CS: What age did you start weightlifting and how did you get into it?

Marin: I started practicing weightlifting at age 10, I was bought to a weightlifting gym by a friend and from the beginning found the sport very interesting!

CS: What are your future ambitions for your career, are there certain weights you want to lift?

Marin: The purpose I follow is to lift 170 kg in snatch and 210 kg in Clean and jerk and to participate in the Summer Olympics 2021 in Tokyo.

Robu at the 2020 World Cup

CS: 170 & 210 are brilliant goals, what are your current max lifts?

Marin: At the moment my personal bests are 155 kg snatch,180 kg clean and jerk, front squat 220 kg, back squat 240 kg, snatch pull 210 and clean pull 250.

CS: What are you focusing on improving at the moment?

Marin: In order to have the best movement and the right trajectory of the bar, I use a wide range of exercises such as hang snatch, snatch balance, muscle snatch for snatch, and for clean and jerk I use push press, jerk from racks, power jerk and others.

Robu's Brilliant Lift Celebration!

CS: How do you stay focussed and motivated to reach your goals?

Marin: It motivates me a lot to become an Olympic champion, I think working to this level is the motivation for all athletes.

CS: What is the best advice that your coach has given you?

Marin: My coach's advice was to be as simple as possible even if I am a renowned sportsman and to do my best to meet my goals.

CS: Could you tell us more about what your coach means by being 'simple'?

Marin: That is, he intends that I do not seem to be someone more special or something less genuine, in the training room we are all equal.

CS: What has been the hardest and the best part of your career so far?

Marin: The most difficult part of my career was when I suffered a knee injury ,after that I needed surgery, but one of the brightest victories I have so far is the world championship in Fiji, Suva.

CS: What do you like to do outside of weightlifting?

Marin: Outside of weightlifting workouts I prefer to play table tennis.

CS: What is your training schedule, how many times a week do you train?

Marin: I have 9 workouts a week, two workouts every day, Thursdays being the day for relaxation, I usually use sauna and massage for this.

CS: Who are your role models and who do you enjoy watching lift?

Marin: My sport model is Chinese athlete Shi Zhi Yong, he is a very powerful athlete, and technically great.

Robu Performs a Snatch in Rome

CS: How popular is weightlifting in Moldova?

Marin: I think that weightlifting is becoming more popular in Moldova after the many victories of our athletes in the international arena.

CS: We have a lifters at the club who also are starting at 10 years old, have you got any advice for them about being an athlete?

Marin: Yes, my advice to them would be to listen to their coach and do everything possible to do their best and meet the proposed goals.

We would like to send a huge thank you to Marin for taking his time to answer our questions with such interesting responses! We wish Marin all the best for achieving his Olympic goal!

- Team Canterbury Strength

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