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Q&A with Coach Bob Takano - Canterbury Strength's First Podcast Interview

Coach Bob Takano
Coach Bob Takano

Frequently wishing that we could be flies on the wall at Takano Athletics to soak in the coaching techniques of head coach and USA Weightlifting Hall of Famer, Bob Takano, we decided to reach out to his team. Amazingly Bob agreed to answer our questions and we made a date for a Skype call, forcing us to finally get our heads around speaking on camera and starting a series of podcast interviews!

Bob is an educator through and through with the most inspiring desire to share his knowledge and insights from his 50+ years in the sport. Having coached a slew of top level athletes as well as team USA at international competitions Bob understands the importance of imparting knowledge and also in spreading the word of the sport of weightlifting as far and wide as possible.

So without further ado here is the video, the first of its kind for us:

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Bob for speaking to us in order to create this podcast. Our conversation with Bob was extremely interesting and incredibly useful to us as an evolving club. Bob's experience in the sport is invaluable and the fact that he so openly wishes to share this with others is exactly what is needed in sport.

We would also like to thank our friend Mateusz Bargiel for assisting us with editing the video.

We definitely hope to produce more of these podcast interviews soon and would also like to acknowledge that the opportunity to talk to Bob via Skype has encouraged us to try to use video recordings more often, especially after hearing him speak about recording people's experiences!

- Team Canterbury Strength

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David Mannion
David Mannion

An excellent video with a great coach with 50 years experience and very humble! Some good ideas about youngsters not emulating elite lifters with having too wide a grip for snatch, useful exercises (I have never tried but must) snatch from the kneel, great ideas about Leadership, Athleticism, and that Weightlifting is a SPORT and not some adjunct to the fitness industry! I like his ideas of what he will do in the future. Very good questions from Charlotte and Ryan.

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