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Conversation with the highly decorated Josué Brachi (56kg, Spain)

Josué Brachi (56kg) from Seville, Spain has been throwing big weight over his head for 13 years! He has competed in SEVEN World Championships, and currently holds 5 Spanish records! Last year at 25 years old he won an overall gold medal at the european championships, where he hit a 116 kg Snatch and a 138 kg Clean and Jerk - almost 2.5x his bodyweight!! Josué also achieved a bronze medal for his snatch at the past 2 world championships.

We had a chat with the incredibly friendly Spaniard about his amazing career and his tips for you!

1) We have been very interested in what age weightlifters at your level started. When did you start and what was your inspiration to pick up the bar?

I started weightlifting when I was 13 years old. My father was also a weightlifter and he taught me about the sport when I was young.

2) You have had a very inspiring career in the sport and faced some great competition! What do you consider your biggest achievement and what is your goal now?

My greatest achievement was winning gold and becoming absolute champion at the 2018 European championships. Now I am looking to achieve the same at the 2019 Europeans.

Josué’s amazing 116kg snatch at the Europeans - with incredible technique!

3) Do you get nervous and how do you stay calm at competitions?

I always have a bit of nerves, but I think about all of the training I have done to get to this day, and that really the competition day is almost like a rest day compared to other training days as you only have to do your maximum lifts.

4) If you were not a weightlifter do you what other sport or job would you do? Do you have any surprising interests outside of weightlifting?

I really like to be creative, so I think I would devote myself to designing furniture or something similar!

5) Who is your coach and what is the most important lesson they have taught you?

I have two coaches, Rosario Muñoz and Manuel Bermejo. The best lesson they have taught me has been determination, that I have strive to be the best in the world, whatever I do.

Clean and jerks up to 143kg at the European Championships 2016

6) What is your top tip for new weightlifters?

That you have to always have fun doing this sport!

7) What has been your biggest challenge to overcome?

My hardest competition was in Rio 2016, where I did not place in the results table.

8) It’s really interesting to see how popular weightlifting is around the world! Do you think weightlifting is popular in Spain? And where are the best places to train there?

I think it is increasingly popular in Spain but there is still a long way to go for it to become a major sport. In Madrid there is the Spanish team and in Seville the San Pablo club where I currently train and is the only one that has had more than 10 European champions in Spain, in the Canaries (CRH Tenerife) there is also a very good coach.

Watch Josué finding out that he had beaten Mirco Scarantino by 1kg to become 2018 European Champion

9) What is your training schedule look like for a normal week, we guess it’s pretty intense!?

From Monday to Saturday I train in the morning and in the afternoon, and also on Sunday mornings!

10) Who do you enjoy competing against? And which weightlifters do you enjoy watching?

I really like to see the Chinese team, as they compete very well! They have a great time with everyone and they are always laughing throughout the competition.

- Josué Brachi & Charlotte and Ryan - Canterbury Strength

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David Mannion
David Mannion
18 feb 2019

It will be interesting to see if he competes at the new 55 kg class or the 61 kg class as only the 61 kg class is recognised in the Olympic Games.

Me gusta
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