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Italy's Giulia Miserendino - European Youth Champion

Name: Giulia Miserendino

Location: Italy

Weight Category: -64kg

Age: 17

Snatch: 97kg

Clean & Jerk: 110kg

Giulia Miserendino is an up and coming Youth weightlifter from Italy, who is currently the European Youth Champion in the 64kg category.

She won a Gold medal at the 2019 Youth Championships in Eilat in Israel with a total of 203kg! During this competition she hit Gold in the Snatch with an outstanding 97kg and also Bronze in the Clean and Jerk, lifting 106kg. Guila also holds two European Youth records, achieving both at the age of 17. It has been interesting to see her numbers improve from a gold medal total of 163kg (-53kg) at the Kosovo 2017 European U15s, to 180kg (-63kg) at the Italy 2018 European Juniors and 203kg (-63kg) in the Israel 2019 European Juniors!

She understands very well the commitment and mindset required to overcome setbacks in this sport and we are looking forward to watching her numbers keep climbing up at future competitions!

101kg Clean and Jerk in 2019

We were lucky to chat with Giulia recently about her weightlifting career, here is the interview below:

CS: What age did you start weightlifting and how did you get into it?

Giulia: I started when I was 13 years old. My Father and Sister were already weightlifters so this is what got me interested.

CS: Who is your coach and what is the best advice that they have given you?

Giulia: My coach is Marco Radicello. The strong point of my coach is that he has helped me develop myself on a psychological level.

CS: What does your training week look like as a National level athlete? How many times a week do you train?

Giulia: I usually train 9 times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I train strength exercises in the morning and classical lifts in the afternoon. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I do muscle work (hypertrophy).

CS: What would you do if you were not a professional athlete and also what do you enjoy outside of weightlifting?

Giulia: I can't imagine not being an athlete!! But I love to travel and to spend time with my family.

CS: What have been your most difficult and favourite times of your weightlifting career so far?

Giulia: The hardest moments in my career have been injures and having mental blocks. Meanwhile my favorite moment was obviously becoming 2 times European Champion in my age class.

Giulia hits 75/88/163kg at the 2017 U15s for three gold medals!

CS: Do you have a favorite exercise? Also, what are your all time best lifts for Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squats and Pulls?

Giulia: My favorite exercise is the clean and jerk! My best lift are: Snatch 97kg; Clean & Jerk 110kg; Front Squat 130kg; Back Squat 145kg; Clean Deadlift 135×4, I have never tested a heavy single.

CS: What would be your advice for young girls who want to start weightlifting?

Giulia: My advice is to have fun and to train with a good team and coach.

CS: Are there athletes or country’s teams that you particularly admire or enjoy watching compete, and why?

Giulia: Yes, I admire my boyfriend Salvatore Esposito, he became European U23 Champion in 2019. I like his determination and passion for this sport and what he expresses with his lifts.

CS: Where has been your favourite place you have travelled for a competition and why?

Giulia: My favorite places are Bangkok and Eliat, they are very interesting places with awesome culture.

CS: What are your goals in your career and what are you working towards?

Giulia: I don't like to set goals, because I see them as limits, I always try to give my best and to be ready for everything.

We would like to thank Giulia for taking her time to speak with us! We can't wait to see what the future holds for her! Best of luck from Canterbury Strength.

- Team Canterbury Strength


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