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Competition Results 16/6/19

Group 1 Youth Lifters with Owen Boxall!

On the 16th June we hosted a competition with an open invitation to lifters from other clubs. We had an amazing day with an incredible turn out, with lifters from 7 different clubs!! With 2 youth groups, ladies and mens competitions we saw some amazing talent.

We would like to thank Owen Boxall for coming down and showing his support, and Paul Schaffner and Matt Vine for helping us officiate the competition.

Here are the results!

Kids Group 1

Keira: 54/54 points (39kg total)

Alex: 54/54 points (37kg total)

Ruby: 53/54 (41kg total)

Riley: 53/54 (38kg total)

Isabel: 51/54 points (37kg total)

Chelsea: 51/54 points (45kg total)

Nicole: 47/54 points (44kg total)

Abi: 38/54 points (33kg Total)

(Our youth lifters are scored on a technique points system)

Group 1 showed some amazing technique and promise for the future. Ruby competed for the first time for Canterbury Strength and absolutely smashed it :) Special mention to Red Beard Barbell Club for their 4 girls in this group, travelling all the way from Maidenhead to compete! Congratulations everybody :)

Kids Group 2

Rhys: 54/54 points (70kg total, 119.52 Sinclair)

Ed: 54/54 points (70kg total, 124.77 Sinclair)

Jack: 48/54 points (86kg total, 125.43 Sinclair)

Taylor: 47/54 points (76kg total, 158.31 Sinclair)

Toby: 47/54 points (90kg total, 128.46 Sinclair)

Silver: 47/54 points (100kg total, 165.72 Sinclair)

Stanley: 36/54 points (64kg total, 103.29 Sinclair)

Congratulations to Rhys for smashing his first competition too with full marks! Unfortunately Stanley hurt his hand on his second clean, but was awesome to watch as usual - we hope that you feel better now :)

Shout out to Taylor for putting up some seriously impressive numbers, coming in second on Sinclair score, and also to Silver, our Sinclair score winner. Silver, 13 years old, stood up a massive 60KG clean, after already hitting a 55kg C&J PB, he narrowly missed the jerk. We look forward to seeing that next time :)

apologies that we do not yet have the photos for group two but they will be added ASAP


The womens group was very fun to watch, very supportive group with lots of PBs and laughs :) Emily from Crossfit Stone Towers took the win in her first weightlifting competition, Faye also competed in her first competition from Stone Towers too, and Timea from Canterbury Lifestyle Fitness. Tammie competed for the first time in a year and a half, narrowly missing a PB snatch of 57kg. Kirstie, Kerry and Jaime all came away with comp PBs too!

Emily: Sinclair 150.21, Total 112

Tammie: Sinclair 140.59, Total 117

Kirstie: Sinclair 132.3, Total 94

Jaime: Sinclair 111.94, Total 102

Kerry: Sinclair 110.63, Total 80

Faye: Sinclair 92.21, Total 81

Timea: Sinclair 78.38, Total 62


Another fantastic group of lifters to watch! With Master's athletes in the group we used Meltzer Faber scores as per our usual format. Sunny took the win and a 6/6, competing in the same competition as his son, Silver :) both showing their impressive technique! Ross from Stone Towers came in second place comepting for the first time in a weightlifting competition. Eron, 17 years old, came in 3rd place hitting a 200kg total! Tom Vincent put on a great show for his first competition, lifting for CSWLC, with a PB C&J :) Craig also competed for the first time, congratulatiosn to both of you! Jon & Tom did a fantastic job competing in the men's category too, well done guys :D

Sunny: Sinclair (M-F) 294.32, Total 212

Ross: Sinclair (M-F) 288.99, Total 210

Eron: Sinclair 219.47, Total 200

Tom: Sinclair 185, Total 132

Craig: Sinclair 181.29, Total 170

Tom V: Sinclair 166.87, Total 131

Jon: Sinclair 129.91, Total 100

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who competed, and thank you again to Owen, Paul and Matt for your support :)



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