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CSWLC's first away competition!

Owen Boxall (left) with our CSWLC athletes!

On the 9th March we took 16 of our lifters to their very first weightlifting competition at Pegasus Weightlifting club in Maidstone. Thank you to Matt and Julia Vine as well as everyone else who was involved in the running of the competition!

We had a brilliant day with lots of great lifts and some big PBs!

First up we had three 12 year old lifters in the youth session, who all smashed their first comp! Aidan did a fantastic job coming back after 2 missed snatches to make his final attempt – probably the hardest thing to do in weightlifting!! Charlie’s technique looked better than ever, and Toby hit some impressive numbers for a first attempt in a competitive environment! A lot more to come from all 3 lifters!

(L-R) Toby, Charlie & Aidan

Aidan S20/CJ27

Charlie S27/CJ40

Toby S43/CJ50

Next up the senior guys! We had 7 men lifting with an age range of 16-47! Again it was everyone’s first competition, with Connor taking overall 1st place, and Sam coming in at 3rd. Special mention to Joe who hit a 7kg snatch PB, Adam who competed in the men’s category at only 16 years old, and Richard who went up against the seniors as a master’s lifter, and Matt who narrowly missed 63kg on his final snatch attempt, but PB’d his clean and jerk by 3kgs, and Tom who also PB’d both lifts, and could easily have added more – that competition adrenaline!!!

Our Guys!

Connor: S90/CJ111 Sinclair: 255.47

Sam: S70/CJ95 (Sinclair TBC)

Richard: S50/CJ60 Sinclair: 147.94 Meltzer Faber: 182.412

Tom: S61(PB)/CJ76(PB) Sinclair:175.59

Matt: S57/CJ83(PB) Sinclair:174

Joe: S57(PB)/CJ80 Sinclair: 148.1

Adam: S45/CJ60(PB) Sinclair: 134.37

Finally our women had their shot, all 6 of them hitting some great lifts with tonnes of PBs. Kirstie nailed second place overall with a great first competition show! Simi smashed a 51 clean and jerk however her elbow touched her knee on the clean so of course it was disallowed, certainly giving her something to aim for!! Shellee’s lifts looked technically beautiful as always as she destroyed a PB clean and jerk! Angela also competed against senior lifters with her fellow masters lifter, Richard, having only decided to come along the day before!! Jaime PBd but also clearly had more in the tank, with the competition adrenaline providing that boost! Kerry did a great job after preparing for only a few weeks, can’t wait to see what she can do next time as both lifts looked easy!

Our Ladies!

Kirstie: S40/CJ50 Sinclair: 123.89

Angela: S27/CJ37 Sinclair: 103.166 Meltzer Faber: 115.733

Shellee: S35/CJ47(PB) Sinclair: 114.05

Kerry: S32(PB)/CJ39 Sinclair: 99.1

Jaime: S40(PB)/CJ48(PB) Sinclair: 97.6

Simi: S37(PB)/CJ46(PB) (Sinclair TBC)

A very well run and very welcoming atmosphere at Pegasus with Owen Boxall, commonwealth bronze medallist handing over certificates. Thank you again to everyone involved!

- Charlotte & Ryan

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