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An Interview with European Gold Medalist Joanna Łochowska

Joanna Lochowska is a 2017 and 2018 European Gold medalist (196 kg total, 88 snatch + 108 Clean & Jerk), 2012 Olympian and Polish champion weightlifter who competes in the Women’s 53kg category.

One of Poland's most titled weightlifters and an advocate of health and fitness she has recently moved to train with team Poland at the prestigious Sports Club of Budowlani Opole in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics qualifications.

Joanna has very kindly agreed to answer a few questions about her sport and interests for Canterbury Strength. Weight lifting is rapidly becoming more and more popular in Britain, we hope this will help inspire more women young and old to give this sport a try!

1) Who or what was your inspiration to start weight lifting?

I started weightlifting thanks to my brothers who have already been lifting. Although I had passion for sport since I was very young girl, as I was born naturally flexible. When I was 6 I started with acrobatics which last for 6 year, then shortly I did pole vault.

2) What age did you start weight lifting?

I found the weight lifting rooms when I was 15 years old.

3) What do you consider your biggest achievement in sport?

My biggest sporting achievement is participation in the Olympic Games in London 2012 and the double gold of the European Championships.

4) What was your favourite place to travel for a competition?

California on WWC 2017!

5) How do you stay calm at competitions?

I try to focus on good technique and I listen to music a lot.

6) What other sport would you do if you were not a weightlifter?

I liked jumping hurdles very much

7) What is the best way to relax between training sessions?

Between the trainings I relax a lot by lying down and reading a book, take a nap or listen to music and turn off the senses :)

8) Is there any hobbies you do outside of sport that would surprise people to know?

Would it be a surprise, I do not know, but I really like to bake!

9) What is the best lesson you have learnt from your coach?

There was countless... Depending on situation, but my coach always says one thing "remember you're training for yourself, train hard but don't forget about fun that comes from training. :)

10) What is your top tip for people who are just starting out in weightlifting?

Have a lot of patience and enjoy even the smallest personal successes :)

Check out the videos below to see her in action. Above is Joanna Łochowska Snatching 86kg on her way to become 2017 European Champion!

Joanna’s finesse and speed with the bar is incredible to watch and will make you want to drop whatever you are doing and start dropping something heavy instead!

2017 Europeans Training Hall. Split, Croatia. 2 days out from winning the overall gold for her first senior European title

- Team Canterbury Strength with Joanna Łochowska

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