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Arpine Dalalyan: Armenia’s Junior Champion

Name: Arpine Dalalyan

Location: Armenia

Weight Category: +87kg

Age: 21

Personal Bests: Snatch 105kg | Clean & Jerk 140kg

Arpine Dalalyan of Armenia is no stranger to European glory! She was the European Youth Champion in 2015 and 2016, becoming European Junior Champion in 2017 and 2019 (coming in with a Silver medal in 2018). Her most recent European title in October 2019 (Bucharest) won Arpine 3 gold medals, across the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total. Arpine also placed 4th overall in the European Seniors last year, and in the World Junior Champs (with a Clean & Jerk bronze!).

Recently we had the opportunity to chat with Arpine about weightliting and her career so far, her strong mindset and determination to succeed were very clear to us. Thank you to Arpine for giving us this information. Here is the interview below:

CS: How old were you when you started weightlifting and how did you get interested in it?

Arpine: I was 12 when I started weightlifting. I chose this sport following my father and grandfather’s advice.

CS: We're your father and grandfather weightlifters too?

Arpine: No, my father and grandpa aren’t weightlifters. However, they are very fond of the sport, that’s why they wanted me to become a sportswoman.

CS: Is weightlifting a popular sport in Armenia, do you feel much support from your nation?

Arpine: Yes, weightlifting is a very popular sport in Armenia! We have a lot of famous champions. If there hadn’t been much support from my nation I wouldn’t take part in the sport.

CS: Which Armenian champions do you particularly look up to?

Arpine: I particularly look up to Hripsime Khurshudyan (European Champion 2016, Olympic Bronze Medalist 2012) She is my ideal weightlifter, I admire her hard working attitude and her will to win!

Arpine at the 2019 Junior European Weighthlifting Championships

CS: What are your best ever weights for Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Squats and Pulls? 


Snatch: 105kg

C&J: 140kg

Back Squat: 200kg

Front Squat: 171kg

Pull: 210kg

CS: What is your training routine, how many times a week do you train? And how important is structure in your daily routine to you?

Arpine: Training is the most important part of my daily routine. Six days a week I train twice in a day.

CS: How do you like to relax when you aren’t training, do you have any hobbies outside of weightlifting? 

Arpine: During my free time I’d like to spend in the kitchen. I like cooking. Also I like to sleep! :D

CS: Who is your coach and what is the best advice they have given you?

Arpine: My coach is Taron Tovmasyan. His best advice is “Never give up, always look forward”.

CS: How do you stay focussed and motivated to reach your goals? What would be your advice to young lifters? 

Arpine: I've never been taught that I can’t achieve something. There is nothing impossible. If you want to then you can. My advice “Don’t let anybody prevent you from reaching your aims and goals”.

CS: What has been your most difficult and your favourite times of your weightlifting career so far?

Arpine: The most difficult and favorite time in my career was 2019. Even though I was severely injured I won the competition and became the champion.

CS: We are sorry to hear about your injury, what happened?

Arpine: I’ve had my injury since 2018, hurting my back during training.

Arpine's Snatches at 2017 Junior World Championship

CS: What are your goals and aims for the future of your career in the sport?

Arpine: My upcoming goal is to get a medal at the European Championship 2021. Unfortunately because of the injury I’ll have to miss the championship of 2020. 😒

CS: What do you love the most about the sport?

Arpine: I love the competition. Because of the sport I can feel the delight of the champion, I can see pride and respect from my nation, I can be loved. That’s why I adore sport.

We would like to thank Arpine for taking her time to speak with us! We wish her a quick recovery from her injury so that she can get back to hitting some new bests and winning her medal in 2021!

- Team Canterbury Strength


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