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4th May Competition Part 3: Men

Top row: Connor, Matt, Dan. Bottom row: Richard, Tom, Sam

The guys competed last at our 4th May competition, putting on a show with some big lifts and loud celebrations.

Connor took the win, narrowly missing a 92 snatch and 115 clean and jerk (comp PB attempts).

Coach Dan came in second and performed some brilliant victory dances!!

Sam hit third place with a 5kg snatch comp PB!

Richard had an awesome improvement on his March comp total with a 7kg increase and big jump in Meltzer Faber score.

Tom made the biggest improvement, starting his snatch attempts on 61kg which was previously his comp PB, finishing on 70kg - a 9 kilo comp PB, but also 70kg being a massive snatch PB that he has been working towards for a while now! Seeing him hit it on the platform was amazing! For clean and jerks he also started 4kg above his previous comp PB, an hit another 9kg comp PB, with a 23.69 increase on his Sinclair.

Matt decided to compete last minute and still hit a 7kg comp total PB, with very narrow misses on some heavier attempts too.

Our second Masters lifter, David, also hit some really good numbers, before pulling out of his final C&J attempt with a pull in his leg.

Connor: Total - 197kg (87/110) Sinclair: 250.38

Dan: Total - 175kg (75/100) Sinclair: 215.48

Sam: Total - 170kg (75/95) Sinclair: 202.98

Tom: Total - 155kg (70/85) Sinclair:199.28

Richard: Total - 117kg (52/65) Sinclair (Meltzer Faber): 199.1

Matt: Total - 147kg (62/85) Sinclair:184.78

David: Total - 125kg (55/70) Sinclair (Meltzer Faber): 190.83

Special thanks to Angela for keeping track of the numbers on her amazing Sinclair/Meltzer Faber coefficient spreadsheet!


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