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4th May Competition Part 1: Youth Comp

Clockwise form top left: Callum, Laura, Toby, Aidan, Alex, Riley, Charlie (centre)

On the 4th May we hosted the second Canterbury Strength Weight Lifting Club competition. Twenty of our lifters took part with 7 youth team members! With 3 lifters returning for their second competition: Aidan, Charlie & Toby, and 4 lifting for the first time: Laura, Callum, Alex & Riley.

The lifters who were competing in their second competition made huge improvements on technique from the last comp at Pegasus in March this year!

The first timers looked unbelievably confident and left with very good technique points totals!

Of our 7 youth lifters, 5 were from Canterbury Academy (L-R: Charlie, Laura, Aidan, Alex, Callum)

Toby & Laura came top of the technique points standings with an amazing 83/90, with it being Laura’s first comp! Her technique and confidence were amazing, looking like a total natural on the platform. Toby hit good numbers with an 87kg total and nicely improved technique on his last competition in March. Much like Toby, Charlie showed some amazing technique improvements and seemed much more comforatble in a competitive environment having been there before!

Alex and Aidan were each only one point behind the leaders on 82 points! Aidan made a huge 10kg improvement on his total from March, without even reaching for his PB lifts. he also hit 6/6 lifts, showing how his confidence has grown since his first competition. Alex showed off his amazing skill with some speedy lifts and beautiful execution of technique, very exciting to watch!

Riley’s technique looked even better than in training, with some real improvements on his speed recently. The competition certainly didn't seem to shake him, bags of focus on the platform!

Callum made light work of his lifts for his first competitive appearance. With a lot of strength left in the tank and unshaken by the competition nerves we can tell his next comp will go amazingly well!

Thank you to our friend Matt Bargiel for the amazing photos, have a flick through the gallery above to see our awesome youth team in action!

The kids group were competing for technique points and not total/Sinclair so they were not maxing out, however we recorded these in order to track progress. Here are all of their numbers:

Laura: Technique Points - 83/90, Total - 36kg (15/21), Sinclair - 51.56

Toby: Technique Points - 83/90, Total - 87kg (37/50), Sinclair - 126.74

Aidan: Technique Points - 82/90, Total - 57kg (25/32), Sinclair - 106.5

Alex: Technique Points - 82/90, Total - 36kg (15/21), Sinclair - 83.74

Riley: Technique Points - 81/90, Total - 35kg (15/20), Sinclair - 92.07

Callum: Technique Points - 79/90, Total - 45kg (20/25), Sinclair - 68.91

Charlie: Technique Points - 79/90, Total - 68kg (28/40), Sinclair - 84.29

All 7 lifters made their performances look easy, and were very confident with their lifts, showing loads of promise for the next club competition. The kids will be competing again at Pegasus Weightlifting, Maidstone, on the 18th May.

- Charlotte Moss


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