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British Squad for the 2019 World Championships

The weightlifting World Championships will be held in Pattaya, Thailand from the 18th to the 27th September. Britain will be taking a huge squad of 16 lifters!!

We can't wait to tune in and follow the GB squad while they smash this Olympic Qualifying event!

The squad is listed below:


Hannah Powell (45kg) (withdrawn)

Kelly-Jo Robson (49kg)

Noorin Gulam (49kg)

Amy Williams (55kg)

Olivia Blatch (59kg)

Zoe Smith (59kg)

Sarah Davies (64kg)

Emily Musket (71kg)

Sally Bennett (71kg)

Emily Campbell (87kg+)


Gareth Evans (67kg) (withdrawn)

Haroon Siraj (67kg)

Jonathan Chin (73kg)

Jack Oliver (81kg) (withdrawn)

Edmon Avetisyan (94kg)

Owen Boxall (109kg)

The squad will be coached by Dave Sawyer, Andy Callard and Christie Williams, who also recently took Zoe Smith, Emily Campbell, Hannah Powell, Edmond Avetisyan, Jonathan Chin, and Owen Boxall on a training camp in Germany to prepare for the comp. Alongside Fraer Morrow and Chris Murray who are training for the European Juniors.


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