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2019 European Weightlifting Championships

This Saturday the Senior European Weightlifting Championship kicks off in the Black Sea bordering city of Batumi, Georgia. The competition takes place from the 6th-13th April!

The announced GB squad consists of 16 lifters, from Olympians and Commonwealth Games Medallists, to rising stars in the Weightlifting world. From last years Commonwealth Games the squat holds Gold medal winners Gareth Evans and Emily Godley, Silver medallists Zoe Smith, Jack Oliver and Sarah Davies, and Bronze medallists Owen Boxall and Emily Campbell. The team is to be coached by Stuart Martin and Dave Sawyer and managed by Julie Morish. The full squad is detailed below at the bottom of the article, including what days they will compete!

Best of luck too all the GB athletes competing in Georgia! This event falls within the qualification period for the 2020 Olympic Games so will be an important step for Olympics hopefuls.

Other names to look out for of course will be Rebeka Koha (W59), Loredana Elena Toma (W64), Lidia Valentin (W76), Dilara Narin (W76 and recent world record holder from the 2019 Las Vegas Youth Championships), Dmytro Chumak (M102) and Lasha Talakhadze (M109+). We would also like to send our luck to athletes we have previously interviewed: Joanna Lochowska (W55), Eliska Pudivitrova (W64), Sarah Fischer (W87) and her brother David (M109), Josue Brachi (M61) and Nicolae Onica (M96).

The whole list of entries and the schedule for the competition can be found at the link below:

If you wish to watch the competition, videos of each category are usually shared to YouTube following the session. Search for 2019 European Weightlifting Championships!


6th April:

Hannah Powell (W45)

Kelly-Jo Robson (W49)

7th April:

Amy Williams (W55)

8th April:

Olivia Blatch (W59)

Gareth Evans (M67)

Haroon Siraj (M67)

9th April:

Sarah Davies (W64)

Zoe Smith (W64)

Sally Bennett (W71)

10th April:

Emily Godley (W71)

Chris Murray (M81)

Jack Oliver (M81)

11th April:

Edmon Avetisyan (M96)

12th April:

Mercy Brown (W87)

13th April:

Owen Boxall (M102)

Emily Campbell (W87+)


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