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18th May - Youth Competition @ Pegasus Weightlifting Club

On Saturday 18th May we travelled to Pegasus Weightlifting in Maidstone for their youth competition. We took 6 lifters, along to compete. It was the first away competiton for Laura, Riley & Alex, and the second away comp for Aidan, Charlie & Toby.

Pegasus as always hosted an amazing competition, a huge thank you to everyone involved!

There were lifters from 6 clubs present! This is fantastic for the South East, and we were so happy to see weightlifting on the increase in the area.

Our lifters bought home some amazing results! We couldn't be more proud. CSWLC took 4x 1st place finishes, one 2nd & one 3rd! We love that these competitions are scored on technique points as the kids do not have to push the weights too heavy, with no one reaching for their PBs. Focussing so hard on their technique meant that we saw some amazing improvements, with 3 of our lifters receiving max points!!

Here's the full results:

Toby: Snatch 36kg, C&J 50kg, 47/54 technique points, 1st place in his group  (Sinclair 120.15)

Charlie: Snatch 26kg, C&J 38kg, 46/54 technique points, 3rd place in his group (Sinclair 76.86)

Aidan: Snatch 23kg, C&J 31kg, 50/54 technique points, 2nd place in his group (Sinclair 95.19)

Laura: Snatch 18kg, C&J 24kg, 54/54 technique points, 1st place in her group (joint with Alex & Riley) (Sinclair 56.74)

Alex: Snatch 18kg, C&J 21kg, 54/54 technique points, 1st place in his group (joint with Laura & Riley) (Sinclair 75.22)

Riley: Snatch 16kg, C&J 21kg, 54/54 technique points, 1st place in his group (Joint with Laura & Alex) 

Our next competition will take place Sunday 16th June, stay tuned on our social media as we will be releasing details soon

- Team Canterbury Strength


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