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Exercise Library: Snatch Deadlifts

Snatch deadifts are simply the pull portion of the lift from the floor to the hip with no extension on to the toes/balls of the feet.

Snatch deadlifts are programmed to help develop strength in the pull, specifically with the wide grip required for snatches, but also to practice the positions and balance required for the movement. The bar does not need to be moved quickly as it does in a snatch or snatch pull, and generally wont be, as it is intended to be carried out at heavier weight. The slowed down movement allows you to focus on the positions and balance throughout, and to build strength in the different positions of the pull.

If you want to add snatch deadlifts to your program do not use a weight that makes it difficult to maintain the correct positions, aim for around 120% of your best snatch. We do sets of 2-6 reps depending on the stage of the program, and pop them in towards the end of the workout. Feel free to use straps so that you can focus on the movement instead of your grip failing! Here is a video from the awesome Catalyst Athletics showing some Snatch Deadlifts:

Visit Catalyst Athletics website for a great exercise library too! (

- Canterbuy Strength


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