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British Results from the European Under 15s & Youths and the IWF World Cup

Over last week two big competitions were held. Firstly the European Under 15s and Youth Championships in Eilat, Israel from the 7th-14th and secondly the IWF World Cup in Tianjon, China, from the 10th-13th.

At the Under 15s and Youth Champs GB took 3 girls all in the under 15s and 5 boys in the under 17s, for a total of 8 British lifters at the comp.

Their results are as follows:

Female lifters

Charlotte Neale w55 (u15) - S58/CJ74/T133

Emily Sweeney w71 (u15) - S70/CJ86/T156

Tyler Hamilton w81 (u15) - S64/CJ86/T149

Male lifters

James Godden m55 (u17) - S73/CJ100/T173

Jacob Finnigan m73 (u17) - S113/CJ140/T253

Drew Burns m81 (u17) - S116/CJ137/T253

Aiden Sheeran m81 (u17) - S95/CJ138/T233

Myren Madden m89 (u17) - S115/CJ130/T245

The IWF World Cup, which is an Olympic Qualifying event had 3 GB lifters, Sarah Davies (W64), Emily Godley (W71) & Emily Campbell (W87+).

Sarah Davies got bronze snatch award with 99kg behind Kuo Hsing-Chun (TPE, 105kg) and Deng Wei (CHN117kg, world record) but missed all clean & jerks, unfortunately meaning no total and no Olympic qualifying points.

Emily Godley received 3 silver medals! She hit S101/CJ130/T231 beind only Rim Un Sim (PRK). Emily got a PB clean & jerk and PB total, getting an amazing 5kg improvement on her total at the world championships in Thailand in September.

Emily Campbell received a snatch bronze medal at 119kg behind PRK athlete Kim Kuk Hyang and CHN athlete Li Wenwen & 4th place overall! Emily got S119/CJ152/T271, a PB total & a british record, making her a real hopeful for the Tokyo Olympics!!

- Team CSWLC


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