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Abi & Lyla's first competition

Last month, our lifters Abi & Lyla, from the University of Kent, took on the London University Championships held at Brunel. For both of them, this was their first time on the competition platform.

At the time Abi had only been lifting for 7 weeks and Lyla just about 3 months. Competing for the first time is a huge achievement, particularly as a beginner. This is a challenge we recommend to all new lifters as it can be a huge confidence boost, as well as a great introduction to the sport.

We were incredibly proud of their performance, both completing 5/6 of their lifts with 27kg in the snatch and 38kg in the clean & jerk. But more than anything we were proud of their confidence, managing to shake the competition nerves to lift like seasoned professionals on the platform. Check out the video to see their top lifts!

It was an absolute joy to see them compete and it was lovely to introduce them to the friendly folks of weightlifting too! We would also like to thank everyone at Brunel and those who organised the event and made it such a positive and friendly environment.

We can't wait to see what this year brings for Abi & Lyla as they continue to train. Or to attend more competitions this year, got to say we have missed weightlifting events over the past little while!

- Team CSWLC


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