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4th May Competition Part 2: Ladies

Clockwise from top left: Kerry, Jaime, Shellee, Courtney, Julie, Shauna

On the 4th May we hosted the second Canterbury Strength Weight Lifting Club competition. Twenty of our lifters took part with 7 youth team members, 7 men and 6 women.

Of our 6 women two were competing for the first time, Courtney & Shauna.

Shellee took 1st place with a Sinclair of 114.6. Kerry came in second with 108.84 and Jaime in 3rd with 105.91.

Kerry increased her comp PB clean & jerk by 5kgs! Jaime started her clean & jerks on a weight above her final attempt at the last competition in March, finishing 6kgs above her last total.

Courtney and Shauna put on a great show for their first time on the competition platform, safe to say the next time they compete it will be a great watch!

Here's all of the ladies totals and Sinclair scores:

Shellee: Total - 79kg (36/43) Sinclair - 114.61

Kerry: Total - 76kg (32/44) Sinclair - 108.84

Jaime: Total - 94kg (39/55) Sinclair - 105.91

Shauna: Total - 80kg (35/45) Sinclair - 100.3

Courtney: Total - 77kg (31/46) Sinclair - 98.18

Julie: Total - 36kg (17/19) Sinclair (Meltzer Faber) - 59.54

- Charlotte Moss

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