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CSWLC Competition - 16/11/19

Youth Girls Group

On the 16th November we hosted a club competition for kids and adult lifters. It was a very successful day with some great performances from those who participated, lots of personal bests and some first competition experiences too!

Youth Groups

As usual the kids were scored on technique points, but we also recorded their Sinclair scores. The kids were split into girls and boys groups, with five girls and six boys lifting.

The girls warming up


Ruby (CSWLC): Snatch: 26kg Clean & Jerk: 37kg Total: 63kg | Technique Score: 51/54 | Sinclair Score: 77.11

Elsie (Pegasus): Snatch: 20kg Clean & Jerk: 31kg Total: 51kg | Technique Score: 50/54 | Sinclair Score: 73.13

Ophelia (Pegasus): Snatch: 17kg Clean & Jerk: 20kg Total: 37kg | Technique Score: 54/54 | Sinclair Score: 67.30

Katie (Pegasus): Snatch: 16kg Clean & Jerk: 20kg Total: 36kg | Technique Score: 53/54 | Sinclair Score: 64.49

Amelia (Pegasus): Snatch: 17kg Clean & Jerk: 26kg Total: 43kg | Technique Score: 44/54 | Sinclair Score: 55.37

Youth Boys Group


Stanley (Pegasus): Snatch: 34kg Clean & Jerk: 42kg Total: 76kg | Technique Score: 53/54 | Sinclair Score: 116.69

Riley (CSWLC): Snatch: 20kg Clean & Jerk: 30kg Total: 50kg | Technique Score: 49/54 | Sinclair Score: 106.84

Alex (CSWLC): Snatch: 24kg Clean & Jerk: 32kg Total: 56kg | Technique Score: 51/54 | Sinclair Score: 95.13

Prins (First Comp, CSWLC): Snatch: 30kg Clean & Jerk: 33kg Total: 63kg | Technique Score: 51/54 | Sinclair Score: 92.32

Axel (First Comp, CSWLC): Snatch: 18kg Clean & Jerk: 25kg Total: 43kg | Technique Score: 48/54 | Sinclair Score: 83.85

Dardan (First Comp, CSWLC): Snatch: 26kg Clean & Jerk: 34kg Total: 60kg | Technique Score: 48/54 | Sinclair Score: 78.66

Adult Groups

Our lifters Laura and Rhys lifted for the first time in the adult groups, which was a great experience and really great to watch – congratulations guys!

Ladies Group


All of the ladies hit PBs in a really great group! Here are the results:

Jaime: Snatch: 47kg (PB) Clean & Jerk: - Total: 47kg | Sinclair Score: N/A

Laura: Snatch: 25kg Clean & Jerk: 31kg Total: 56kg | Sinclair Score: 74.49 (PB snatch and attempted a PB clean and jerk of 36kg, achieved the clean. First time in a senior comp!)

Kerry: Snatch: 36kg Clean & Jerk: 46kg Total: 82kg | Sinclair Score: 114.59 (PB Snatch & attempt at PB C&J of 49kg, achieved PB clean)

Poppy: Snatch: 57kg Clean & Jerk: 67kg Total: 124kg | Sinclair Score: 154.1 (PB Snatch & attempt at PB C&J of 73kg, achieved PB clean)

Tammie: Snatch: 60kg Clean & Jerk: 75kg Total: 135kg | Sinclair Score: 156.94 (PB Snatch & PB C&J, and an awesome attempt at an 80kg C&J)

Mens Group


Peter: Snatch: - (Hit 45kg but missed down signal) Clean & Jerk: 70kg Total: 70kg | Sinclair Score: N/A

Rhys: Snatch: 43kg Clean & Jerk: 54kg Total: 97kg | Sinclair Score: 157.27 (PB Clean & Jerk)

Joe: Snatch: 70kg Clean & Jerk: 90kg Total: 160kg | Sinclair Score: 171.92

Dan: Snatch: 83kg Clean & Jerk: 105kg Total: 188kg | Sinclair Score: 227.97 (PB Snatch & attempted a 113kg C&J)

Carlos: Snatch: 100kg Clean & Jerk: 110kg Total: 210kg | Sinclair Score: 238.51 (Attempted a 116kg C&J)


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