MONDAY:  Weight lifting 18:00-19:30, 19:30-21:00   

TUESDAY: Conditioning class 18:30 - 19:30

THURSDAY: Weight lifting 18:00-19:30, 19:30-21:00


Our sessions a maximum capacity of 10 lifters and will be coached by our expert weightlifting coaches, ensuring that each individual gets sufficient 1-2-1 feedback. Our aim is to meet the needs of members of all ages and abilities. So that any person who turns up will be welcome, learn and have fun regardless of their age and ability!


During weekday sessions we will cover lifting technique drills for either Snatches, Cleans or Jerks and spend time on a carefully programmed weight lifting session.


Please contact us for any further information on these sessions.



SATURDAY: 12:00-15:00

Our Saturday sessions will have a more casual format where our Lifters can drop in and train. during these sessions our Lifters can follow their Weight Lifting program with our coaches around to give their input on technique. During our Saturday session you can get 1 to 1 coaching, however this must be arranged with us before hand.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our classes and how to attend, or if you'd like to arrange coaching 


Coaching is the most effective option for reaching your specific training goals. Our coaches will be offering one to one or small group coaching sessions where you can work on technique adjustment for Olympic lifting, build personalised programming for your sport or goals and provide tailored strength and conditioning for your individual needs. These sessions are carried out at our coaches work locations, not at the club. 

Please contact us to find out more about pricing and the availability of our coaches.


We are located next to Lifestyle Fitness gym at the Canterbury Academy Campus Sport Centre. Very close to the town centre and both Canterbury East and Canterbuy West train stations, and Bus Station. Check out the map here.

The club operates in a fantastic weights room, kitted out for 4 lifting areas with Olympic Weightlifting bars and weight discs, squat racks, jerk blocks and everything else you could need for an advanced weightlifting session for a class of 10 people!

We are lucky enough to be located within Lifestyle Fitness & Canterbury Academy's indoor and outdoor sports facilities meaning that there is a large gym with women's only floor, floodlit 400m athletics track & multi-sport field, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, beach volleyball court, fitness studios and an indoor sports hall for football, basketball, netball, cricket, badminton, rugby, gymnastics & trampolining, meaning that everything you could need for your training is easily accessible! Contact Lifestlye Fitness for the use of these facilities. 


We encourage all of our Lifters to participate in Weight Lifting competitions. We believe working towards this goal is beneficial to everyone who wants to participate in the sport of Weight Lifting even at the start of the journey. 

At Canterbury Strength Weight Lifting Club we host competitions for all age groups (<13s, Youth, Junior, Senior & Masters) in order to offer our Athletes experience in Local level events to gain experience should they wish to progress to British Weight Lifting events. We work with a number of other clubs in the area so that our Athletes have to opportunity to meet other people in the Weightlifting community as well as compete against other clubs, and gain experience training at other venues. 

For information on upcoming events please contact us.