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MONDAY: Weight lifting 18:00-20:00  

Over 18s: £10 (20% discount when booking 2+)

Students: £5

Under 18s: £2

Our sessions are coached by our expert weightlifting coaches, ensuring that each individual gets sufficient 1-2-1 feedback. Our aim is to meet the needs of lifters of all ages and abilities so that any person who turns up will be welcome, learn and have fun regardless of their experience!


During these sessions, we will cover lifting technique as well as strength and power exercises as part of a carefully programmed weight lifting session.


Please contact us for any further information on these sessions & booking information.



Coaching is the most effective option for reaching your specific training goals. Our coaches will be offering one to one or small group coaching sessions where you can work on technique adjustment for Olympic lifting and personalised programming for your sport or goals.

Please contact us to find out more about pricing and the availability of our coaches.  The location of these sessions depends on coach availability.


We encourage all of our Lifters to participate in Weight Lifting competitions. We believe working towards this goal is beneficial to everyone who wants to participate in the sport of Weight Lifting even at the start of the journey. 

At Canterbury Strength Weight Lifting Club we host competitions for all age groups (<13s, Youth, Junior, Senior & Masters) in order to offer our Athletes experience in Local level events to gain experience should they wish to progress to British Weight Lifting events. We work with a number of other clubs in the area so that our Athletes have to opportunity to meet other people in the Weightlifting community as well as compete against other clubs, and gain experience training at other venues. 

For information on upcoming events please contact us.

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