British Masters Weightlifting Championships 2020 - David Mannion's Report!

This championship was held as usual in Lilleshall NSC in Shropshire and had the largest ever entry of 157 lifters so had to be held over 3 days Friday 6th March to Sunday 8th March.

I was travelling up from Canterbury so set off at just after 9 am and arrived early at 1.15 pm. I was able to help the organisers Chris and Terry Baker and others unload the 1.3 tons of olympic barbells, discs and weights, laptop computers and PA system.

There were 6 well laid out platforms in the warm up area a short distance to the main stage which was watched by a well-attended audience. The first session saw 13 men aged between 65 and 85!

I was one of the 3 referees in the first session and saw Eric Dolman lift at 85 years of age! Jim Fergusson from Scotland lifted at 82 years of age and did many refereeing sessions over the weekend. As current European Masters champion he kindly gave out medals including my session!

The next morning, I helped to weigh in many of the first group of male lifters between 7 am and 8 am. It’s important to have the BWL membership on paper or ready to see on your smart mobile phone – are you a current Member? The bodyweight of the lifter and 1st snatch and 1st clean and jerk attempts were duly noted down.

I had lost so much weight and had not slept well the night before so I only managed 62 kg snatch and 76 kg clean and jerk for a 138 kg total – well down on my last 146 kg total – so was disappointed. (We would like to add that David placed 1st, becoming 5x National Masters Champion! Congratulations David! - Team CSWLC)

However, the performances of Andy Seaber (He is usually ranked 1st in the British Masters ranking lists and is current World Champion!) and Bryn Jones (He is often ranked in the top 5 in the UK) were world class (see pictures).

Really enjoyed the women’s group Session 3 W55 up to W70 age groups all bodyweights.
Andy Seaber aged 64 lifting 93 kg clean and jerk in session 1 Saturday 7th March!

Bryn Jones lifting 108 kg clean and jerk aged 59 in Session 1

The loaders did a great job and included amongst others: Jo MacManus, Mark Beck, Eddie Halstead, Bryn Jones, Elaine Sims and Lynette Murad, all of whom lifted in the Championship. Bill Barton did a superb job being the MC to many of the sessions and Andy Seaber, Simon Lynch, Jim Fergusson, Justine Davis-Hirst and many more.

On a simple note one does need many more people to volunteer whether they be technical officials: technical controller, referee, MC, timekeeper, recorder, loader or just general dogsbody! Please write to about 3 to 4 months before the competition and volunteer your services. Check out the British Weightlifting website for how to become a Technical Official through their courses - here!

Lilleshall is a lovely venue and the Spring sunshine made it a beautiful place to be in the Shrophshire countryside!

Results and Rankings from the Competition:



Good luck in Europe, Den Helder Netherlands and/or World Masters USA Orlando. See people at the Southern Masters in November 2020 at the Bethnal Green Weightlifting club!

Take care.

- David