English Weightlifting Championships 2019

These were held at the Stantonbury Theatre part of the Stantonbury International School in Milton Keynes. I was asked to referee 4 sessions of the Senior Competition over the 2 days: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January. As well as the Senior competition there were three others: The English Para powerlifting event, the Development competition for youth and an English Masters Weightlifting competition held in the Leisure Centre. Both Venues had excellent conditions for the athletes to warm up and compete to their very best.

weightlifting platform
English Championships 2019 Competition Platform!

Most groups had at least 9 competitors which made each session very exciting with many a medal decided by the last lift of each competitor. Over 200 senior lifters competed in the new IWF weight categories: W45, W49, W55, W59, W64, W71, W76, W81, W87 and W87+ and M61, M67, M73, M81, M89, M96, M102, M109 and M109+.

The most impressive lifters I saw were Chris MURRAY aged just 19 snatching 138 kg and clean and jerking 159 kg for a massive 297 kg total in the M81 kg class and the brilliant Emily Campbell getting a 114 kg snatch and a 143 kg clean and jerk for 3 new British Senior Weightlifting records!

One of the tightest groups I watched was the women’s 64 kg class

Women's 64kg podium

1st was Helen JEWELL, 2nd Heather BURT and Lou HERRON 3rd at the English Weightlifting championships 2019. All 3 ladies have reached 30 years of age so there is hope for those older lifters!

I really enjoyed the W45 and W49 kg class on Sunday 20th January where I saw Helen Powell get the qualifying total for the European Weightlifting championships. She just managed a 62 kg snatch and a 78 kg clean and jerk (140 kg total) in the women’s 45 kg bodyweight class! Amazing lifts!

Eddie Halstead and Mathew Marshall did a brilliant job of organising this excellent event. I shall definitely go again if chosen to be a Technical Official!

- David Mannion, Canterbury Strength