British Masters Weightlifting Championship 2019

This year on the weekend of 16/17th March I attended the British Masters Weightlifting competition at the National Sports Centre at Lilleshall in Shropshire.

The numbers entered were 135 from all ages 35 to 80+, indeed one lifter was 85 this year, Bill Despard from Scotland.

There were 2 lifters in my age group (60 - 64) and weight category ( 89 kg) and I was successful in coming 2nd to the lifter, Bernard Trybull, who is one of the top 10 Master Lifters in Great Britain.

David snatching 65 kg on the way to coming 2nd in the M60 89 kg bodyweight class

I managed to lift 65 kg snatch and 84 kg clean and jerk for a 149 kg total. This total exceeds the qualifying total required for the World Masters Championships 2019 which will be staged in Montreal, Canada in August. I will not enter that championships, but have entered for the European Masters Champs 2019 in Rovaniemi, Finland.

My training over the last 10 weeks had gone very well and I succeeded in doing a lot of personal bests including a set of 4 at 145 kg deadlift (for my age that is equivalent to 4 at 227 kg deadlifts for anyone aged 18 - 30)!

David finishing with 84 kg clean and jerk. His total of 149 kg qualified him for the European Masters Weightlifting championships in June (Also the World Masters in August!

The obvious reason why so many lifters were going to the British Masters Championships this year was in order to get a qualifying total (best Snatch and Clean and Jerk added together) to enter the European Masters Championships which will be in Rovaniemi, Finland. This event I have already qualified and based on my British Masters performance I should produce a good total. Last year in Budapest, Hungary, I came 3rd winning the bronze medal!

Lifters at the British Masters from Kent included John Collins from Sittingbourne (1st place M60 109 kg class) and Voula Karavias (1st place W60 55 kg class) from Tunbridge Wells who both did extremely well.

My fitness has improved with helping with some of the coaching at Canterbury Strength Weightlifting club next to The Canterbury Academy, Knights Avenue, Canterbury. The club is the only club promoting Olympic Weightlifting in the area and its website is . Please get in contact if you want to learn to lift weights safely

- David Mannion

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